‘I am not a feminist. I am normal

Austrian Cultural Forum, London
8 October-12 November 2004
Opening: Thursday 7 October 2004, 1900h

As part of a season of events on the occasion of the VALIE EXPORT
retrospective exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, Marlene Haring presents a
group show demonstrating some of the possibilities, strategies and
discourses that have developed since VALIE EXPORT's pioneering actions
spread 'Genital Panic' in the 1960s.

Exhibition with:
Katherine Araniello, Marlene Haring, Anna Jermolaewa, Elke Krystufek, Mikki
Muhr, Sands Murray-Wassink, Julia Wayne, Carey Young and all day breakfast
with Female Consequences.

Opening: Thursday 7 October 2004, 1900h, free
Burn the Bra: performance by Ursula Martinez
Exhibition: 8 October-12 November 2004, Monday-Friday 0900-1700h, free
Discussion: Saturday 9 October 2004, 1100-1800h, free
Feminism don't stop, I can't live if you stop: Female Consequences All Day
Location: Austrian Cultural Forum, 28 Rutland Gate, London SW7 1PQ
T 020 7584 8653

Camden Arts Centre: VALIE EXPORT works since 1965, until 7 November 2004
The Freud Museum: The Power of Speech, until 31 October 2004
National Film Theatre: VALIE EXPORT A season of films curated by Mark
Webber, 14–20 October 2004