2007. Vinyl text and ink on paper, dimensions variable.


The artist was weighed on the date on which this art work was first commissioned. If the artwork is re-commissioned, the artist weighs herself on the date she agrees to participate in the exhibition/project. Calculations are then made as to the mass and current market value of each chemical element present in the artist's body at the time of weighing. The work consists of the total market value of these chemical elements (expressed as a graphic on the wall), plus framed prints of the calculation data.

Since the physique of the artist and the market value of her constituent chemical elements may fluctuate over time, future versions of this work may display a different value.

 Originally commissioned by Christina Guerra Contemporary Art, Lisbon (2007). Subsequently recommissioned by Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, 2007; Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, 2008; Paula Cooper Gallery, Basel Art Fair, 2008; The Power Plant, Toronto, 2009; Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, 2010; Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2010, and tour to Cornerhouse, Manchester, 2011, mima, Middlesbrough, 2011); Galeria Nuno Centeno, Porto, 2012, Le Quartier, Quimper (2013).

Thanks to Dr. John Emsley (University of Cambridge) and Dr. Ilya Eigenbrot (Imperial College London) for scientific advice and calculations.