Positive Buzz

Vinyl text, dimensions variable, 2001.


The statements featured in this work are:

That's a great idea. Thanks!
Good point.
Nice idea.
Seems like a winner!
We're getting somewhere with this.
Let's take that same concept and use it over here.
Hmm, looks like we could push that idea further.
Let's stay with that idea longer and see what mileage we can really get from it.
You know, this could be better than what we're currently doing!

The statements were prepared by the artist, using the published advice of What? If! business consultants, London, who state that they should be used to help generate new ideas in creative business discussions ('brainstorms'.)

The statements should be placed together on one wall in the exhibition, as well as distributed around the other gallery walls in a viral way. In a group show context the statements should also be placed close to, and within sightlines of works by other artists.